Virginia's Rent-To-Own Competitive Advanages

Most Americans simply do not understand the transactions and the benefits RTO offers.  Above are the 'Big 10' benefits and how Virginia's Rent-To-Own stacks up in comparison to other business transactions.  Virginia's is a better deal and we have the brand names products to select from.

120 Day same as Cash

We offer 120 Same as Cash  payment option whereas the customer is given that amount of time to pay for the item at the listed retail price but still using the no-obligation with Virginia's Rent-To-Own many options.

No obligation

At Virginia's Rent-To-Own customers are never obligated to make the next payment, all they have to do is return the item.  No other transaction in the marketplace provides the consumer the option of continuing payments or returning the product without penalty or damage to his/her credit.  In fact, industry statistics show that this is a big benefit to rent-to-own.  Just remember, at Virginia's:

  • No long-term obligation
  • Terminate the agreement at any time for any reason
  • Never incur debt
  • Credit is never extended
  • Credit is not required

Flexibility of payments

No other transaction allows the consumer the flexible options on making payments, at Virginia's we offer:

  • Weekly payments
  • Bi-Weekly payments
  • Monthly payments
  • 120 Same as Cash
  • Discounts for purchasing early with our 'Early-purchase options' - offering significat price reductions
  • Reinstatement rights.  Never lose what you invested.  If a customer has to return a product for any reason during the payment cycle, Virginia's Rent-To-Own will re-instate the payment history when the customer is financially secure again. See store for details.

Easy ways to make payments

Virginia's Rent-To-Own offers easy and convient ways to pay, such as:

  • Pay with cash
  • Pay with a credit card
  • Put a credit card on file for automatic payments
  • Call in payment over the phone
  • Pay online
  • Pay by check (see store for details)

Unparalleled Service

No other company offers the sevice that you will get at Virginia's.  We offer full product service at no additional cost to the customer during the rental period.  If your product needs to be serviced we will provide you with a loaner until yours is repaired.  Repair and service is our responsibility, regardless of the warranty on the product.  Virginia's Rent-To-Own will also:

  • Deliver, set up, and ensure everything is working properly FREE of charge
  • Never worry because 100 percent of the service on the product is covered by Virginia while making rent-to-own payments.  Virginia's Rent-To-Own will guarantees service even if the manufacturer's warranty and extended warranties have expired.
  • Loaners are part of the service you will get during repairs.  We will provide a replacement product while the product is being repaired.
  • Same day delivery
  • No security deposit
  • Upgrade at anytime
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Refer a friend

Save even more when you refer a friend.  Refer a friend and Virginia's Rent-To-Own will give you $25 - $100 as a thank you!  Plus we will give any new customer you refer an additional savings, up to $100.00 in credit towards an item. (see store for details)