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34144 - where everyday is Black Friday. We bring you the best deals, coupons, and promotional offers from over 2,000 online retailers every day.

Best 4K TV Deals: Shop the Cheapest 75" QLED TV We've Ever Seen

This week's best TV deals selection includes Editors' Choice deals on the latest Vizio 55" P-Series TV and a best-ever price for any 75" QLED TV.

Vizio 55" 4K UHD Red Smart TV with $200 Dell Gift Card
Store: Dell Home
Price: $729.99
Shipping: Free shipping
Lowest By: $249

With a $200 Dell gift card, the Vizio P55RED-F1 now boasts a better outright price than we saw on Black Friday — and is certainly an Editors' Choice deal. RTings liked its fast response time, color accuracy, and contrast ratio, although it may not suit big living spaces as they remarked that it's image quality degrades when viewed at an angle. Features include 3840x2160 (4K) native resolution, 802.11ac wireless, Bluetooth 4.1, built-in Google Cast, USB, and five HDMI inputs.

Samsung 75" 4K QLED Smart TV
Store: Newegg
Price: $1,749
Shipping: Free shipping
Lowest By: $101
Expiration: March 9

It may not be the biggest TV on the market, but the Samsung QN75Q6FNAFXZA TV has the best price we've seen for any 75" QLED TV. This Editors' Choice TV got great reviews from CNET for its fiber-optic net cabling and design, as well as good marks for connectivity and its voice control feature. It's also packed with specs, including a 3840x2160 (4K) native resolution, HDR10 and HLG, 802.11ac wireless and Bluetooth, Smart TV, USB, and four HDMI inputs.

Samsung 55" 4K HDR Smart TV with $150 Dell Gift Card
Store: Dell Small Business
Price: $498
Shipping: Free shipping
Lowest By: $117

The LCD TV Buying Guide liked a lot about the Samsung UN55NU7100FXZA, but particularly its upscaling and conversion of lower HD to 4K. And at a $117 low, that's made all the more impressive to us and has earned this all-time low our Editors' Choice nod. It features a 3840x2160 (4K) native resolution, HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG support, Smart TV with apps, two USB ports, and three HDMI inputs.

Vizio D-Series 55" 4K HDR UHD Smart TV
Store: Walmart
Price: $398
Shipping: Free shipping
Lowest By: $19

The Vizio D55-F2 may be a more basic TV, according to RTings, but this Editors' Choice deal is hard to ignore for a TV of this size. It's the lowest outright price we've seen for this model, which RTings notes allows for good video game play and features a fast response time. It has a 3840x2160 (4K) native resolution, HDR10 and HLG, 802.11ac wireless, SmartCast TV with Chromecast, compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control, USB port, and three HDMI inputs.

Refurb LG 43" 4K HDR LED UHD Smart TV
Store: eBay
Price: $209
Shipping: Free shipping
Lowest By: $89

If you're looking to upgrade your TV to a 4K unit, this refurbished LG UK6200PUA might be the budget-friendly model for you. It's a great price for a big-brand TV of this size and RTings lauded its quality when viewed at an angle, as well as its low input lag. By buying a refurb, you'll save $89 when compared to buying it new. It boasts an attractive features list, which includes a 3840x2160 (4K) native resolution, active HDR with support for HDR10 and HLG, 802.11ac wireless, webOS Smart TV, and three HDMI inputs.

Note: A 90-day VIP Outlet warranty applies.

Tue, 05 Mar 2019 12:24:10 -0500

What Brand Makes the Best Rechargeable AA Batteries?

Rechargeable Batteries

Before you pick up another blister pack of disposable AA batteries, stop to consider whether rechargeable AA batteries may be a better value. While they can get a bad rap, the latest and best rechargeable batteries can be just as good as their traditional counterparts. And though they're still more expensive than disposable batteries, prices are going down.

But are rechargeables the right choice for you? Let's go over what you need to know to get the best rechargeable batteries.

What Are Rechargeable Batteries?

Rechargeable batteries are batteries that can be used hundreds or thousands of times, while disposable batteries need to be tossed out when they've drained. Today's rechargeable batteries are typically nickel-metal hydride, or NiMH, and they can have as much — or even more — power than traditional alkaline batteries.

Rechargeable batteries can have more power than traditional ones. Plus, they can hold charges for one to five years.

Although battery capacity varies among brands and models, NiMH AA batteries usually have 1,000 mAh to 2,700 mAh worth of power; disposable alkaline batteries tend to have around 2,400 mAh. In addition to having plenty of juice, rechargeable models are particularly good at providing power for high-power devices that can chew through alkaline batteries.

Most NiMH batteries are now low self-discharge, which means they'll hold a charge for a long time even when they're sitting on a shelf. This has been a big problem for rechargeable batteries in the past, because you could find them dead when you needed them. But today's rechargeables will hold charges for a year or more — Rayovac and Energizer even advertise their batteries will stay charged for five years. You can also expect any rechargeable batteries you buy to be pre-charged and work right out of the package.

Do Battery Brands Matter?

Brand matters, though not necessarily in the way you think. Some battery brands perform better than others, but some off-brand batteries are made on the same manufacturing lines as their brand-name counterparts.

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For example, Costco's Kirkland-brand batteries are made by Duracell, and IKEA Ladda rechargeables supposedly come off the same assembly line as Panasonic Eneloop rechargeables. You want to buy a good brand, but sometimes generic battery brands are good brands.

How Much Do Rechargeable Batteries Cost?

In most cases, one rechargeable battery costs about what four or five standard batteries cost. But even though traditional AA batteries can cost as little as 30 cents each, that adds up if you go through a lot of them. Depending on how many batteries you go through a year, the best AA batteries may be rechargeable AA batteries.

batteries in charger

What Are the Best Rechargeable AA Batteries?

To pick the best battery value, we'll compare prices and features of the common AA battery. Whether you're looking for the best AA battery or the best AAA battery, these prices should be a good guideline. So let's dive in to find the best rechargeable AA batteries.

Panasonic Eneloop AA Rechargeable Batteries

Panasonic Eneloop batteries have received good marks from several reviewers, including Wirecutter and Reviewed. The high-end (and more expensive) Eneloop Pro also has more capacity than most rechargeables at 2,550 mAh. However, it's pricey — the Eneloop Pro is the most expensive battery on this list. Both Energizer and Amazon rechargeable AA batteries perform similarly for a lower price.

Still, if you want a rechargeable battery with a long life, Panasonic Eneloops are a solid choice. And if you watch for them to go on sale, sometimes they're priced in line with the competition.

For comparison, Panasonic non-rechargeable AAs cost about 84 cents each, so you'd have to use four or five Eneloop charges before you matched the cost of a single standard battery. However, if you consider the cost of the charger, Eneloop comes out ahead: a 4-pack of 2,000 mAh batteries with a charger comes at a lower price than other charger bundles.

Energizer AA Rechargeable Batteries

Energizer rechargeable batteries are the top picks from Wirecutter, due to a high capacity and long shelf life. Their top capacity is 2,300 mAh, so they have a little less power than Panasonic Eneloop Pros. But Energizer promises they'll hold a charge for five years, so you'll find them ready to go even if they've been sitting in your kitchen junk drawer.

Energizer's standard batteries are around a quarter of the price of the 2,300 mAh rechargeables at 62 cents each, so you'd go through four charges before saving money. They offer good performance for a modest up-front price.

AmazonBasics AA Rechargeable Batteries

Don't discount AmazonBasics as a knockoff brand — these are great batteries for a great price. You can choose between 2,000 mAh and a high-capacity 2,400 mAh model, both of which have low prices compared to similar batteries.

Amazon's non-rechargeable AA batteries are pricey compared to other models, selling for about $1.75 each. But even though there isn't a dramatic difference between their rechargeable and non-rechargeable models, the rechargeables are still a great value compared to other brands — they cost 44% less than the Panasonic Eneloop.

Duracell AA Rechargeable Batteries

Duracell's rechargeable batteries have nearly as much capacity as the Panasonic Eneloop — but they're also more expensive than the 2,000 mAh Eneloops and get middling reviews after real-world testing. They're neither the best nor the worst rechargeable batteries on the market, and if you find them at a good price they may not be a bad buy.

Standard Duracell CopperTop AA batteries are more modestly priced at 89 cents each, leaving them in the middle of the road pricewise. Like most other brands, you'd have to go through four AA charges before you saved money by buying rechargeable units.

Rayovac AA Rechargeable Batteries

Wondering which is the best battery in a Rayovac vs. Duracell battle of affordable brands? A low price of $1.56 per battery means Rayovac's rechargeables have a very modest start-up price. But temper your enthusiasm, because they also have a low 1,350 mAh capacity, so you can expect a shorter battery life. They might be a reasonable choice for low-power devices that don't go through batteries quickly — but that also means it'll take longer for them to start saving money. In this case, Duracell definitely is the winner.

Rayovac's standard alkaline batteries are also modestly priced at 72 cents each, so you'll start saving money after three batteries. Still, if you want to power RC cars and other gadgets that burn through batteries, they may not be the best AA batteries for your needs.

IKEA Ladda AA Rechargeable Batteries

When you're shopping for batteries, you probably don't think of IKEA — but its rechargeable batteries have the best battery prices on the market. Low-power rechargeable AA batteries cost just $1 each, while beefy 2,450 mAh batteries are only $1.75 each. Their performance is on par with the much more expensive Panasonic Eneloop — possibly because they're Eneloops by a different name. While neither Panasonic nor IKEA confirm this, both batteries are produced in the same factory in Japan and have nearly identical performance.

IKEA's non-rechargeable Alkalisk batteries are also cheaper than any of the competition at just 30 cents each, so you'd have to go through six charges before Laddas cost less than their counterparts.

Don't Forget the Charger

If you're buying rechargeable batteries, you'll need a charger. Typically, these devices are universal, so you can charge any NiMH battery — including those on this list — in any NiMH charger. Most models can also handle batteries of different sizes: AAs and AAAs will often fit in the same unit. Just be sure to check the details before you click buy.

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Often you'll find the best value in batteries bundled with chargers. These packages will usually include four batteries with a charger that can hold all four for around $20. If you buy a charger separately, expect 4-battery chargers to start at $10, but you can buy chargers that will hold as many as 18 batteries. They're costly, though, and can be as much as $40. But 8-battery chargers are the best value — you can find them for as little as $10, just like a 4-battery charger. For the best battery charger, however, expect to spend a little more, from $15 to $25.

Readers, what are your go-to brands for rechargeable batteries? Let us know in the comments below!

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5 Deals You Need to Know Today: Save a Massive $84 on a Nautica Jacket!

2019's weather has been unpredictable at best, so this super-cheap Nautica jacket is sure to be a wise investment. Check out this offer and more in our roundup of the top five Editors' Choice deals we found last night and this morning.

Top Coat Deal
Nautica Men's Zip-Front Jacket
Store: Macy's
Price: $24.16 EXPIRED
Shipping: In-store pickup, or $9.95 s&h
Lowest By: $84
Expiration: March 5

Keep your guard up against any oncoming polar vortices this year with this Nautica sherpa-lined jacket. It's an enormous $84 off its list price, and one of the cheapest Nautica men's jackets we've ever seen. It's available in select sizes from S to XXL.

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Top Laptop Deal
Lenovo Ideapad 320 AMD Quad 16" Laptop
Store: Walmart
Price: $286.11 via Walmart pickup discount
Shipping: In-store pickup
Lowest By: $62

If games and full HD resolutions aren't high on your laptop priority list, you might be tempted by the best price we've ever seen for this Lenovo Ideapad. Features include an AMD A12-9720P 2.7GHz quad-core processor, 15.6" 1366x768 (720p) LED display, 8GB RAM, 1TB hard drive, DVD burner, and Windows 10 Home 64-bit.

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Top TV Show Deal
Goosebumps Season 1 in SD
Store: Amazon
Price: $1.99
Lowest By: $13

It's absolutely hilarious to us that R.L. Stine wrote joke books under the pen name "Jovial Bob Stine". (Less so that he wrote certain non-Goosebumps fiction under the name "Eric Affabee". Why not "Affable Eric"? Keep the theme going.) Anyway: Before Jack Black brought the author himself to the big screen in the recent movie series, Goosebumps was a Fox Kids TV show, which even featured a young Ryan Gosling among its terrified teens. And you can own the entire first series at a $13 savings!

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Top Electronics Deal
CyberPower 12-Outlet 1500VA AVR UPS
Store: B&H Photo Video
Price: $109.95
Shipping: Free shipping
Lowest By: $75

A robust $75 coupon on the product page makes all the difference for this UPS at B&H, as it drops it to an exact $75 low. It features 900-watt output, 12 outlets with battery backup, LCD display, and two USB ports.

Click here to see more electronics deals.

Top Shoes Deal
Nike Men's Renew Rival Shield Running Shoes
Store: Nike
Price: $47.98 via code "SAVE20"
Shipping: Free shipping
Lowest By: $32
Expiration: March 6

There are two steps to saving the maximum amount on these Nike running shoes. Firstly, apply the code above to avail of Nike's ongoing extra sale discount. Second, make sure you're signed up for a Nike+ membership, which cuts all shipping fees on the site. With coupon and membership combined, these waterproof trainers are a sure Editors' Choice deal. They're available in sizes 7 to 15.

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The 5 Best Gift Card Deals

gift cards

Gift cards are the easiest go-to present, especially when you don't know what to buy your giftee. Additionally, gift cards often come with bonuses or are sold at a discount, making the value even better!

Do you have ones you don't want, or can't use? Then see our guide on how to sell gift cards.

Check out our top five gift card deals below, and be sure to bookmark this page — we'll be updating the offers weekly!

What Are Gift Card Freebies?

Gift card freebies are incredibly popular — but just around the holidays, typically. They're often buy one, get one deals, with restaurants and retailers offering "bonus cards" with select gift card purchases. Popular promotions include a $5 reward for buying a $25 gift card, a $10 reward for buying $50 in gift cards, and even higher amounts for larger purchases.

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Just be sure to read the fine print with these gift card deals. While the extra perks are great, you can often only redeem them during a certain period of time, and it tends to be within the first few months of the new year.

Also, be aware that your mileage may vary when it comes to these deals. In some cases, no end date will be announced, or it may be up to individual stores to decide if they want to honor an offer. When in doubt, call ahead to ask if the promotion is valid.

We'll go back to rounding up these BOGO offers when they return, but for now, here are the best gift card deals of the week.

The 5 Best Gift Card Deals This Week

  • Free $10 bonus gift card with $50-plus gift card purchase at The Children's Place

  • $50 Gift Card and 15 bottles of international red wine for $65 at

  • 25% off select gift cards at Sam's Club

  • Up to 50% off select gift cards at Gift Card Granny

  • Up to 52% off select gift cards at
  • Readers, what are the best gift card deals you've scored lately? Let us know in the comments below!

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    The 123 Best Birthday Freebies in 2019: Get Free Stuff Just for Showing Up!

    birthday freebies 2019

    If your birthday is coming up, don't rely on friends and family — treat yourself! Numerous retailers offer birthday freebies, coupons, or discounts on or around your big day, or even for your entire birthday month. These offers might not save you a ton, but who doesn't love free birthday stuff?

    Check out our massive list of the best 2019 birthday freebies below. You'll find offers from major retailers and restaurants alike, all in a handy chart for you to consult before your big day arrives.

    How to Get Birthday Freebies

    While you can redeem select freebies by walking in and showing your ID, this isn't the case for most of them. Instead, you'll have to sign up for mailing lists or rewards programs, and then wait for your savings to come via email or snail mail. You might also have to download apps in order to take advantage of certain retailers' birthday freebies.

    SEE ALSO: The 152 Best Military Discounts in 2019

    For any program that doesn't provide a paper copy of an offer, be ready to present your ID as proof that it's your birthday. Deals can also vary from location to location; you might even find retailers that aren't on this list who are willing to give you a special perk on your birthday. It can't hurt to ask!

    Once your birthday has passed, be sure to check out other ways to get free stuff every day of the year! And if you're affiliated with the military, see all the military discounts you can get, too.

    Store Offer Details
    99 Restaurant & Pub Free gift Join their eClub
    A&W Free A&W root beer float Join the A&W Mug Club
    Abuelo's Free gift Join Mi Abuelo's Rewards
    American Eagle Outfitters 15% off coupon Sign up for aeo/connected
    Anthropologie Free coupon Sign up for AnthroPerks
    Applebee's Free treat Join their eClub
    Arby's Free gift Sign up for their email list
    Argo Tea Free drink up to $5 Download the app to join the LoyalTea Club
    Auntie Anne's Free gift Join My Pretzel Perks and download the app
    Aveda Free gift Create an Aveda account
    Baja Fresh Free treat Join Club Baja
    bareMinerals Free gift Join the Fab program
    Barnes & Noble Free cupcake for kids Join Kids' Club
    Baskin-Robbins Free ice cream Create a Baskin-Robbins account
    bd's Mongolian Grill Free meal Join My bd's Rewards
    Benefit Cosmetics Free brow arch Contact your local Benefit BrowBar beauty lounge for information
    Benihana Free $30 certificate Join The Chef's Table
    Biggby Coffee Free drink Sign up for the B-Happy Lounge
    Black Angus Steakhouse Free steak dinner with purchase Join the Prime Club
    Bliss Free surprise Sign up for Bliss Blue Rewards
    The Body Shop Free $10 reward Join the Love Your Body Club
    Bonefish Grill Free Bang Bang Shrimp or dessert Sign up to be a Bonefish Grill Insider
    Boston Market Free gift Join their eClub
    BurgerFi Free reward Download the app
    California Pizza Kitchen Free dessert or entree Sign up for CPK Rewards
    Cantina Laredo Free dessert Join their eClub
    Caribou Coffee Free treat Sign up for Caribou Perks
    Carvel Free ice cream Join Fudgie Fanatics
    Caudalie Free gift Join myCaudalie
    The Cheesecake Factory Free ice cream sundae Tell your server
    Chick-fil-A Free reward Join Chick-fil-A One
    Chili's Free dessert Sign up for My Chili's Rewards
    Chuck E. Cheese's Free reward for your child's birthday and "half-birthday" Join More Cheese Rewards
    Church's Chicken Free gift Join their eClub
    Cinnabon Free gift Join Club Cinnabon
    Clarins Free treat Join Passport to Beauty
    Cold Stone Creamery Buy one creation, get one free Join My Cold Stone Club Rewards
    CVS Free gift Join the ExtraCare Beauty Club
    Dairy Queen Free coupon Join the Blizzard Fan Club
    Del Taco Free premium shake Join the Raving Fan eClub
    Denny's Free Grand Slam breakfast Tell your server
    Dickey's Barbecue Pit Free gift Join the Big Yellow Cup Club
    Dippin' Dots Free Dippin' Dots Join the Dot Crazy! Email Club
    Don Pablo's $10 certificate Join the Habaneros Club
    DSW $5 gift certificate Sign up for DSW VIP
    Dunkin' Free drink Sign up for DD Perks
    Dunn Brothers Coffee Earn $5 Download the app
    Edible Arrangements Free gift Sign up for Edible Rewards
    Einstein Bros. Bagels Free egg sandwich with purchase Join the Shmear Society
    Famous Dave's Free gift Join the Famous Nation
    Famous Footwear Free gift Become a Rewards Member
    Firehouse Subs Free medium sub Sign up for Firehouse Rewards
    Friendly's $3 off ice cream cakes Join the BFF Club
    Genghis Grill Free gift Sign up for Genghis Rewards
    Godiva Free gift Join the Godiva Rewards Club
    Great American Cookies Free gift Sign up for CookiE-mail
    The Habit Burger Grill Free gift Join the CharClub
    Hard Rock Cafe Free offer Join Hard Rock Rewards
    Hooters Free gift Join their eClub
    Houlihan's Free entree Join their eClub
    IHOP Free pancakes Join MyHOP
    Islands Free gift Join Tiki Link
    J.Crew Factory 20% off and free shipping Sign up for Factory First
    Jamba Juice Free small smoothie or juice Sign up for Jamba Insider Rewards
    Jason's Deli $5 coupon Join Jason's Birthday Club
    Jersey Mike's Free regular sub and drink coupon Join their eClub
    Kiehl's Free lip balm or travel-size item Join Kiehl's Rewards
    Krispy Kreme Free gift Join Krispy Kreme Rewards
    La Madeleine Free treat Join their eClub
    Lennys Grill & Subs Free gift Sign up for Lennys VIP Rewards
    LongHorn Steakhouse Free dessert Sign up for LongHorn Steakhouse Rewards.
    Maggie Moo's / Marble Slab Creamery Free gift Sign up for Slab Happy
    Marie Callender's Free gift Join their eClub
    Medieval Times Celebrate for free with purchase of adult admission Join the Birthday Fellowship
    The Melting Pot Free voucher Join Club Fondue
    Menchie's $5 coupon Join mySmileage
    Moe's Southwest Grill Free burrito Sign up for Moe Rewards
    Noodles & Company Free treat Download the NoodlesREWARDS app
    Not Your Average Joe's Free gift Join their eClub
    Nothing Bundt Cakes Free Bundtlet Join their eClub
    NYX Free gift Join the Makeup Crew
    O'Charley's Free surprise Join the O'Club
    Olive Garden Free dessert Join their eClub
    On the Border Free queso Join Club Cantina
    Orange Julius Free BOGO coupon Join the Julius League
    Orange Leaf $3 coupon Join Ounce Back Rewards
    P.F. Chang's Free gift Join P.F. Chang's Rewards
    Panera Bread Free treat Join MyPanera
    Perkins Restaurant Free gift Sign up for MyPerkins
    Petco Free gift on your pet's birthday Sign up for Pals Rewards
    Pinkberry Free yogurt Sign up for their loyalty program
    PizzaExpress Free gift Create a MyPizzaExpress account
    Red Lobster Free gift Sign up for Fresh Catch News
    Red Mango $5 reward Join Club Mango
    Red Robin Free burger Join Red Robin Royalty
    Redbox Free 1-night rental Sign up for Redbox Perks
    Rita's Italian Ice Free treat Join the Birthday Club
    Ruby Tuesday Free burger or Garden Bar entree Join So Connected
    Sbarro Free gift Join the Slice Society
    Seasons 52 Free gift Sign up for the newsletter
    Sephora Free gift Sign up for Beauty Insider
    Shari's Cafe Free slice of pie Join Shari's Rewards
    Smashbox Free gift Sign up for their rewards program
    Smokey Bones Free dessert Join the Bones Club
    Sonny's BBQ Free gift Join 'Q Crew Rewards
    Spaghetti Warehouse Free special birthday meal Join the Warehouse Club
    Sprinkles Free cupcake Join Sprinkles Perks
    Starbucks Free drink Sign up for Starbucks Rewards
    Steak 'n Shake Free specialty milkshake Join their eClub
    Taco Bueno Free gift Join the Buenoheads email club
    Tarte Cosmetics Free gift Join Tarte Rewards
    Texas Roadhouse Free gift Join their eClub
    TGI Fridays Free dessert with entree purchase Sign up for Fridays Rewards
    Tucanos Free meal Join Club Tucanos
    Ulta Free gift Sign up for Ultamate Rewards
    Urban Decay Free gift Join UD Beauty Junkies
    Victoria's Secret Free gift Apply for the Angel Credit Card
    Wienerschnitzel Free coupon Join the Wiener Lovers' Club
    Wingstop Free gift Join The Club
    Winky Lux Free gift Sign up for Winky Poodle Points
    World Market Birthday reward Sign up for World Market Rewards
    Yogurt Mountain Free yogurt Join the YOMO Club
    Zaxby's Free Nibbler Join the Zax email club

    Readers, what are your favorite birthday freebies? Let us know in the comments below!

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    Best Sneaker Deals: Editors' Choice Discounts on adidas and New Balance

    This week's best sneaker deals include Editors' Choice-worthy lows on adidas and New Balance kicks, while the highly-reviewed Astra Escalantes drop to half their original price.

    adidas Men's Speed Trainer 3 Shoes
    Store: eBay
    Price: $30.40 in cart EXPIRED
    Shipping: Free shipping
    Lowest By: $20
    Expiration: March 5

    The adidas Speed Trainer line is a popular and well-reviewed collection, and if you don't mind going back to 2017's 3.0 release you're in for some significant savings with this deal. The pair hasn't just dropped to an Editors' Choice -worthy all-time low, but the brand's eBay storefront is selling the pair for at least $20 less than anywhere else. They're available in select sizes 4.5 to 11.

    Altra Men's or Women's Escalante Running Shoes
    Store: JackRabbit
    Price: $61.98 via code "S45KV3"
    Shipping: Free shipping
    Lowest By: $18

    The Altra Escalantes were released in 2017 for $120, and even at that high price received excellent reviews for their style, grip, and fit. They've now dropped to almost half that original price earning them our Editors' Choice nod and putting them into contention for this week's very best sneaker deal. They're available in select men's sizes from 8 to 14 and select women's sizes from 6.5 to 10.5.

    New Balance Men's or Women's Lazr Shoes
    Store: Joe's New Balance Outlet
    Price: $28 via code "LAZR28" EXPIRED
    Shipping: Free shipping
    Lowest By: $10
    Expiration: March 1

    Joe's New Balance Outlet is by far your best spot to shop for New Balance sneakers, and this Editors' Choice discount on the Lazr collection proves just why. Each pair of the men's or women's style is selling for at least $10 less than any other store (including the manufacturer.) They're available in select women's sizes from 5 to 15.5 and men's sizes from 8 to 14.

    Nike Women's Air Zoom Winflo 5 Sneakers
    Store: Kohl's
    Price: $45
    Shipping: $8.95 s&h
    Lowest By: $21

    Long-distance runners may favor the Nike's Winflo 5 sneakers as Running Shoe Guru calls out the shoe's "padded heel" and "sturdy grip" as highlights of the design. They're also easy on your budget too, and are selling for $21 less than anywhere else at Kohl's (despite the relatively hefty shipping fee.) They're available in limited sizes — from 5 to 6.

    Nike Men's Tessen Sneakers
    Store: Stage Stores
    Price: $30.99
    Shipping: pickup over $35, or $9.95 s&h
    Lowest By: $27

    A big-brand style that's edging on half price is the Nike Tessen sneaker. The men's Olive pair has dropped by $9 since its last listing on our site to its best-ever price. (You'll have to pad your order over $35 to get pickup to avoid the hefty $9.95 shipping fee though.) They come in select sizes from 7.5 to 12 and are selling fast, so head to cart quick if you're interested.

    Fri, 01 Mar 2019 12:12:06 -0500

    When Is the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale?

    Bath & Body Works interior

    A Bath & Body Works sale isn't uncommon, but the best time to stock up at the chain is during its semi-annual sales. Fortunately, it's pretty consistent about the timing of these events, as well as the kinds of discounts it offers. Read on for everything you need to know about Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sales.

    And be sure to check out our guide on how to shop semi-annual sales, so you can make the most of these events.

    When Is the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale?

    While a Bath & Body Works sale can happen at any time, the big semi-annual sales occur around the same days in June and December every year. The last couple of years, the summer sale has kicked off on June 4, which leads us to believe it'll do so again in 2019. Additionally, the summer sale should last until the end of the month or even go into early July. Last year's summer semi-annual sale continued until July 5.

    Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sales typically start in June and December.

    What about the winter Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale? Well, it tends to kick off on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or the day after Christmas. The sale then lasts through the second or third week of January, giving you plenty of time to stock up on all your favorite cold-weather scents.

    What Discounts Will You See?

    Whether you shop the summer sale, the winter one, or both, you're likely to find discounts of at least 50%. The maximum discount we've seen is for up to 75% off. A Bath & Body Works coupon sometimes gets added in, too, such as one taking an extra 20% off select orders. The retailer has previously offered free shipping on select purchases, as well.

    What Will Be on Sale?

    Often the discounts apply sitewide, giving you an excellent chance to snag all your aromatic favorites. Specifically, we tend to see specialty body care items and the popular 3-wick candles go for 50% off. Also look for hand soaps and similar items to start at only $3 each. Additionally, fragrances — both ones for the home and perfumes — tend to be part of the sale.

    SEE ALSO: How to Shop Semi-Annual Sales

    How to Get Bath & Body Works Free Shipping

    Bath & Body Works doesn't always offer free shipping. However, sales are usually a good chance to take advantage of this perk, which tends to apply to minimum orders between $30 and $50. Those amounts might seem high, but considering the retailer's regular shipping prices, it's a pretty decent deal. (Normally you'll spend $4 or $9.99 on shipping for orders under $10, or $5.99 on orders over $10.)

    Readers, what do you shop for at the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sales? Let us know in the comments below!

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    Fri, 01 Mar 2019 07:00:04 -0500

    Best Phone Deals: Save $100 on the iPhone XR

    Whether you're an avid Apple or Android fan, this week's best phone deals include something to suit all tastes and budgets. We've seen a $100 low on the iPhone XR, while the Samsung Galaxy S8 falls to its best-ever price.

    iPhone XR 64GB Phone for Boost
    Store: Boost Mobile
    Price: $649.99
    Shipping: Free shipping
    Lowest By: $99

    Discounts on the latest iPhones are always interesting to watch, and if you've held off on the well-reviewed XR for this long, you can now snag this Editors' Choice deal from Boost Mobile for basically an even $100 less than you'd pay on any other network.

    This recently released iPhone features an A12 Bionic chip (shared with the higher-end iPhone XS), 6.1" Liquid Retina 1792x828 LCD display, advanced face ID, a single-lens, 12MP rear camera with depth control and Smart HDR, a 7MP front camera with Animoji and Memoji, dual SIM card slots, and iOS 12.

    Note: You can opt for the 128GB option for $699.99, or the 256GB for $799.99.

    Refurb Unlocked Galaxy S8 64GB
    Store: eBay
    Price: $199.99 EXPIRED
    Shipping: Free shipping
    Lowest By: $232
    Expiration: March 4

    Android loyalists who'd rather opt for a recent-generation Galaxy phone should consider going refurbished with this deal. It's not only an all-time low for the phone, but this refurb is $232 cheaper than what you'd pay for a new, unlocked phone anywhere else today. Features include a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 8-core CPU, 5.8" 2960x1440 Super AMOLED touchscreen LCD, 4GB of RAM, 64GB internal storage, 12MP rear- and 8MP front-facing cameras, 4K video recording, and Android 7.0 (Nougat).

    Note: No warranty information is provided., but the seller offers free returns for 30 days. These units have an LCD shadow, but are otherwise fully functional.

    Unlocked LG Q6 32GB 4G LTE GSM Phone
    Store: Newegg
    Price: $149.99 EXPIRED
    Shipping: Free shipping
    Lowest By: $10
    Expiration: March 3

    The LG Q6 isn't just good for the clumsy (thanks to its lauded drop-resistant design), but the budget-conscious can also rejoice as its fallen to an all-time, and Editors' Choice-worthy low. (No pun intended.) Most other stores are actually charging double NeweggFlash's price! Features include an 5.5" 2160x1080 display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 1.4GHz octa-core CPU, 3GB of RAM, 32GB storage, dual 13MP HDR cameras, and Android 7.1.1 (Nougat).

    Refurb Unlocked iPhone X 64GB Phone with Apple Warranty
    Store: Apple
    Price: $769
    Shipping: Free shipping
    Lowest By: $81

    This Apple-refurbished iPhone X undercuts the price of a new one by $81. So while you may see third-party refurbs for less, they don't include the 1-year Apple warranty that applies here (the same warranty as new units), making this a great way to save on a recent model without skimping on safeguards. It also includes a new battery and outer shell, making it very similar to the physical condition of new units.

    LG Fiesta 2 4G LTE Prepaid Phone with 1yr Plan
    Store: eBay
    Price: $79.99 EXPIRED
    Shipping: Free shipping
    Lowest By: $45
    Expiration: March 5

    If you'd rather avoid signing up to a lengthy phone contract, but don't want the expense of a high-end unlocked model, this Editors' Choice deal on the LG Fiesta 2 is for you. It comes bundled with an annual plan, which includes 1,200 minutes of talk-time and 1,200 texts, and still only costs $79.99 — that's a $45 price low all combined. Features include a 5.5" 1280x720 HD display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 quad-core CPU, 2GB of RAM, 16GB internal storage, 13MP rear- and 5MP front-facing cameras, 4,500 mAh battery, and Android 7.0 Nougat.

    Additional reporting in this blog by Alan Byrne.

    Thu, 28 Feb 2019 12:04:56 -0500

    Can You Trust the Better Business Bureau?

    Woman Problem Solving

    You've probably seen the small blue logo on the websites of businesses you frequent. The minimalist-style torch — sometimes with an accompanying letter grade — signifies that the business in question has been rated and reviewed by the Better Business Bureau, a nonprofit with a vision of "an ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers trust each other."

    SEE ALSO: Amazon Quietly Killed a Popular Prime Shipping Perk

    But can the BBB be trusted by consumers?

    Its accreditation system seems to favor businesses willing and able to shell out big bucks for a good grade. And multiple controversies surround the BBB's rating system, plus its complaint submission process doesn't always provide results. With so many glaring issues, the faith consumers once held in the BBB may have reached its breaking point.

    How Does a Business Become BBB Accredited?

    The BBB uses its own accreditation standards, which are built on the BBB Standards for Trust. These eight principles "summarize important elements of creating and maintaining trust in business."

    The accreditation standards serve as a baseline code for all businesses that apply to become accredited. Some of the qualifiers include establishing and maintaining a positive track record in a business's local marketplace, advertising honestly, maintaining transparency, and — perhaps most importantly — addressing consumer complaints "quickly, professionally, and in good faith."

    Being a BBB-accredited business can cost companies more than $10,000 a year.

    After a business submits an application to become accredited, the BBB investigates to ensure the company meets their standards and grades each one that applies. However, being an accredited business with the BBB comes at a cost... literally.

    Businesses wanting to display that blue torch on their websites and marketing materials must pay an annual fee. Small businesses with up to 100 employees generally have to pay anywhere from $500 to $1,500 per year; larger companies could pay upwards of $10,000 annually.

    How Do BBB Complaints Work?

    If you feel you've been maligned by a particular business, you can submit a complaint to the BBB. The organization handles "disputes that relate to marketplace issues experienced with the services or products a business provides." These complaints do not include disputes or disagreements between employers and employees, discrimination issues, complaints against government agencies such as the U.S. Postal Service, or matters that have been brought to court.

    SEE ALSO: What to Do When Your Food Is Recalled

    After you file your complaint with the BBB, "everything you submit will be forwarded to the business within two business days," according to the nonprofit. The business then has 14 days to respond to your complaint. If a response isn't received, the BBB will make a second request. According to the BBB online complaint system, complaints are usually mediated and closed within 30 business days.

    On the surface, this process seems simple enough: the unhappy consumer files a formal complaint with the BBB, and they receive a response (and hopefully a solution to) the problem after about a month. However, the system isn't as straightforward as it seems.

    Are BBB Ratings Reliable?

    A 2015 investigative report from CNNMoney found more than 100 businesses that were not as credible as their BBB ratings of A- or higher made them seem. In fact, many of them were being investigated by the government for fraudulent or other illegal behavior at the time of the reporting.

    The report suggests accredited members of the BBB are at a significant advantage, even if their businesses aren't trusted by their customer base. Additionally, the rating system seems to be "seriously flawed."

    A 2015 report found that some businesses with high BBB ratings were being investigated for fraud or other illegal behavior.

    What does this mean, exactly? Essentially, accredited businesses have it easier when it comes to resolving complaints from consumers. A caveat of maintaining BBB accreditation (as well as a high grade) is that businesses resolve any complaints in a timely manner — but it doesn't mean the "resolution" is real.

    The CNNMoney report found that members of the BBB were able to close complaints with "generic letters and responses that consumers say clearly don't address their problem." However, nonmembers — especially small businesses — with decent grades were sometimes left with drastic drops in their ratings after complaints went unnoticed. Even more telling, the report found that official complaints filed with the BBB had little to no effect on an accredited company's grade.

    What Are the Best BBB Alternatives?

    Fortunately for consumers, a number of alternative resources are available. Potential customers looking for ratings and reviews of a business can always turn to online rating sites like Yelp, Angie's List or Google Reviews.

    While businesses can elect to pay for advertising on websites like Yelp, the reviews left on these sites are written by other consumers and aren't determined by an outside organization like the BBB.

    Online rating sites like Yelp, Angie's List, and Google Reviews can be good alternatives to the BBB.

    However, if a concrete verification of trustworthiness is important to you, companies like Trust Guard — through its Business Verified service — offer an alternative seal of approval for businesses. Unlike the BBB, Trust Guard handles disputes in private, has set pricing for its services, and doesn't have time restrictions for businesses setting up their account. (The BBB requires that companies be in business for at least six months before they can become accredited.)

    At the end of the day, your time may be better suited to checking a business's online reviews, even if they have a high grade from the BBB. While you should take every Yelp or Google review with a grain of salt, reading hopefully honest feedback from fellow consumers may help you more than trusting a BBB grade that could potentially be misleading.

    Readers, do you trust the BBB? Why or why not? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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    5 Power Tools That Every Home Should Have

    Man Sanding

    So you have work to do around the house, and you know you need power tools. But which ones are the most essential? We're here to tell you which tools will make your DIY life easier.

    3 Quick Tips for Buying Power Tools

    Before we get to the must-have tools, here are a few tips on how to shop smart when you're looking for power tools.

    Pick One Brand of Cordless Tool

    For most DIYers — and an increasing number of professionals — cordless tools provide more than enough oomph and longevity to get the job done. But batteries don't swap between brands, so once you buy one tool, it's expensive to switch brands. Buy with intention.

    Batteries don't swap between brands, so once you buy one tool, it's expensive to switch brands.

    Know That Premium Tools May Last Longer

    The nature of power tools means you're unlikely to hand them down to your kids, but that's no reason to buy into planned obsolescence. Store-brand combo deals might be tempting — they whisper, "Buy me and you get a flashlight, too!" But you get what you pay for, and power tools are no exception. Spend a little more and keep your tools for years. A few professional-grade brands include Milwaukee, Bosch, and Makita.

    Consider 'Bare Tools'

    Walk away from the big box stores. A mechanic told us how he buys premium tools for a fraction of the big box price — and sometimes for less than their store-brand tools. So what do you do? Buy on-brand chargers and well-reviewed, off-brand batteries on Amazon, and then look to eBay for "bare tools" — tools sold without batteries.

    SEE ALSO: Everything You Need to Know About Buying Secondhand Tools

    The amount you save varies, depending on the specific tool you're buying and the specials the big boxes are running. Our research suggests you'll always save at least a couple of bucks — but sometimes as much as 50%.

    The 5 Best Power Tools to Own

    Enough with the preamble. Here are the essential power tools every home should have, in the order we think you need them.

    Cordless Drill

    Cordless Drill

    Why You Need It
    You probably know the drill/driver by its common name: "a drill." It lets you drill holes and turn bolts and screws, and that's about it — but that's a lot of the work you do around the house.

    Go with a brushless drill/driver if you think you'll mostly drill into wood, drywall, or other relatively soft materials.

    Need to put shelves up? You'll want this tool. Need to take the cover off your HVAC unit? You'll encounter what seems like 18,000 screws, and you can loosen them all by hand — or take them off in a few seconds with the magic of electrics. Getting into Kreg Jig woodworking? You'll need this.

    Which to Buy
    Two sorts of drill/drivers are available: brushless drill/drivers and hammer drills. Hammer drills don't just spin, they also hammer — and thus are suitable for drilling into brick and masonry. If you anticipate mostly drilling into wood, drywall, or other relatively soft materials, you don't need to spend the extra money.

    Handheld Rotary Tool

    Handheld Rotary Tool

    Why You Need It
    There are so many different uses for rotary tools. You can drill tiny holes, sand/buff/polish, cut pipes, etch glass — and if you run out of ideas, Pinterest has you covered. Rotary tools are handy for everything from automotive field repair to DIY projects.

    Which to Buy
    Dremel may have name recognition, but check out the Wen 2305. It comes with a flex shaft, and can sell for a quarter or half of the price of a Dremel on Amazon. More than 2,200 5-star Amazon reviews probably aren't wrong. (Bonus: It's compatible with Dremel accessories, so you can buy accessories locally if you need something right away.)

    Cordless Circular Saw

    Cordless Circular Saw

    Why You Need It
    If you need wood to be shorter, you probably need a circular saw — especially if you don't have room in your house for a table saw (and who does?). Whether you use it to cut long sheets of plywood, cut boards for shelves, or cut two-by-fours down to size, the circular saw is your friend.

    SEE ALSO: 7 Winter Home Improvements That Will Lower Your Heating Bills

    Which to Buy
    Circular saws come in a variety of sizes. The most popular size for cordless saws is 6 ½", and it's the size you should buy. Useful options include laser guides (see what you're about to cut) and electric brakes (stops the blade faster after you release the trigger). Note: Circular saws chew through batteries, so bring spares and a charger for big jobs.

    Palm Sander

    Palm Sander

    Why You Need It
    Random orbit sanders measuring 5" and smaller are typically referred to as palm sanders, but you can call them elbow savers. If you need to sand any amount of material, you're going to need one of these. It'll replace hours of scrubbing and sore elbows with a tool that's almost fun to use.

    Which to Buy
    You can get cordless palm sanders, but it adds weight and bulk to a relatively small tool. We recommend corded versions; handle a few and see which you prefer. Buy more sandpaper than you think you'll need.

    wet dry vac

    Wet/Dry Vacuum

    Why You Need It
    This might not fit the definition of a traditional power tool, but try sucking up water from a burst pipe with your cute bagless vacuum — and then check out our vacuum cleaner deals, because you're about to buy a new one. A quality wet/dry vac will handle all the messes you make with your other power tools, plus multi-gallon liquid spills and stain dilution.

    Which to Buy
    Shop-Vac is the iconic brand, but Armor All has released a 2.5 gallon wet/dry vac that's getting rave reviews, and it tends to sell for less than the Shop-Vac vacuums. If you don't mind emptying the wet/dry vac every 2.5 gallons, it seems like a good deal to us.

    What do you think, readers? What power tools have you found indispensable for your DIY projects? Let us know in the comments!

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    Wed, 27 Feb 2019 07:00:05 -0500

    Your Phone's Parental Controls Aren't Enough! Use This App Instead

    Boy Using Digital Tablet in the Morning

    The digital world provides benefits for users of all ages. Unfortunately, it comes with just as many downsides, and there's a real need to safeguard children and teens from potential cyber dangers.

    But keeping an eye on digital activities presents its own frustrations. Most mobile and desktop platforms include native parental controls, but they usually fall short in many ways. Maybe they're not restrictive enough, don't offer enough control, or are just tedious to deal with.

    Several third-party options are out there, too, and one of the most highly rated is Qustodio, an app that you download on both your and your kids' devices. While a free version is available, you'll have more options with the paid tiers.

    Control It All From One App

    Perhaps one of the biggest drawbacks to native parental controls is that they typically require so many steps. Often you have to take each app in a device individually and set restrictions one by one. This includes choosing the content kids can view and download on app stores, or going into each app to turn off certain types of information or allowances.

    With the Qustodio software you can track your child's digital activities from your phone or laptop.

    Third-party apps also might not be available across all major platforms. While odds are good you can find an app available on both iOS and Android, extending that to a Mac or Windows device might be harder than you think.

    Qustodio, however, is multiplatform, so it covers Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows devices, as well as Kindles. Plus, the software lets you monitor screen usage from the app on your own mobile device or through the online dashboard. It's a comprehensive solution to tracking your child's digital activities. That makes this in-depth process easier to manage.

    Truly Block All the Bad Stuff

    Every parental control app claims it can block inappropriate content. But many of them only go so far. For instance, your child might still see restricted content as a search result. Or they could even stumble across it through a direct link. Worried about your young reader finding books with explicit content? Some parental controls will keep your kids from accessing most adult content, though they won't catch everything.

    Qustodio allows you to block certain apps, but you can also block specific domains, too. Even if your child is browsing in private or incognito mode, the software's smart filters will block inappropriate content by default, including sites related to gambling, violence, weapons, and other adult content. And Qustodio supports multiple mobile browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Additionally, you can block other browsers to keep your children from finding ways around being monitored.

    Qustodio Web and App

    Qustodio Does More Than Just Limit Access

    While it's true you can block specific websites, apps, and games from your child's devices, Qustodio allows you to keep a watchful eye by monitoring their activity as well. Think of it as a digital babysitter, providing you with the ability to see detailed activity information about how your child uses devices, apps, social media, and the web, whether you opt to use the mobile app or the online dashboard.

    Special Offer on Qustodio for DealNews Readers!

    For a limited time, you can use coupon code "QUST10" to get 10% off Qustodio Premium.

    Click Here to Save

    Even better, you can supervise those activities in real time, which means you'll know what your child is doing and when. See what they're searching on Google, what websites they're visiting, and how much time they're spending on their digital activities. And, since it's available across all of your child's devices, that means they won't be able to circumvent your monitoring by using something else, like their Kindle instead of their phone.

    Prevent Screen Addiction With Custom Controls

    Many parental control apps provide the opportunity to set time limits. After all, it's widely believed now that children can develop harmful screen addictions — whether they're watching movies instead of doing their chores, or just playing the latest mobile game too much.

    But restrictions on native controls aren't always wide-reaching. Maybe you can only set one usage limit — say, two hours a day — for the device as a whole. Or maybe you can set the usage by each app, but it has to be the same every single day. What if you want to allow more screen time during the weekend? You might have to toggle the restrictions off and on every time.

    Qustodio allows you to highly customize screen time and app usage. You can even vary the schedule depending on the app or the day of the week.

    Fortunately, Qustodio allows you to tailor features like this with minute detail. You can set a usage schedule and choose restricted hours by highlighting them in red. Even better, you can select separate weekday and weekend time allowances to determine how long your child spends on a device.

    Does your child put off homework until the last minute during the week? Set the max use to something short and sweet, then provide them with more screen time over the weekend. Qustodio takes it a step further, though, and also lets you determine what happens when your child hits their usage limit. For instance, you can choose to block the internet on all browsers, lock the device as a whole to prevent online and offline use, or receive an alert when they reach their limit.

    If that all sounds perfect, know that a Premium Qustodio account allows you to set individual time schedules by device. (And with their ongoing offer, you can get 10% off Qustodio Premium via the coupon code "QUST10".) So if you want to encourage kids to spend more time reading, you can give them ample time on their Kindle, while cutting off phone access after a shorter amount of time.

    Customize Games and Apps

    Most parental controls give you some ability to block games and apps on devices. They also frequently allow you to set time limits for individual apps and websites. Unfortunately, native and third-party apps can require numerous steps and jumping back and forth, meaning you could easily skip over something you meant to block. Qustodio offers the controls you expect, but because you have access through just one app, blocking is much easier to manage.

    Additionally, Qustodio's extended reporting allows you to keep a detailed eye on your kid's digital activities. You can have daily reports and weekly summaries sent to your email, so you can track your child's usage.

    ScreenshotScreenshot 2

    Get In-Depth Facebook Monitoring Tools

    Kids can average anywhere from four-and-a-half hours to nine hours of screen time per day. With Qustodio, you can monitor just how much of that time is spent on social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even WhatsApp.

    Other parental control apps allow parents to block apps entirely or set specific time limits. Qustodio offers the added benefit of Advanced Facebook Monitoring, which lets you see not just how often your children are posting, but exactly what they're posting.

    Keep an Eye on Calls and Texts

    Most free parental control apps don't provide the ability to monitor personal activity. Generally, parents can't access call logs or text messages unless they contact their cell provider. Additionally, they won't see installed apps, browser history, or even the phone's location (particularly if the child turns that feature off).

    SEE ALSO: When's the Best Time to Buy the Most Popular Smartphones?

    If you have an Android device, then Qustodio allows you to handle all of that. You can view who's calling or sending messages, or even view the messages themselves. Plus, you can set blocked contacts if there's someone you don't want your child interacting with.

    Know Where They Go

    Mobile devices typically come with some form of location tracking, but disabling it is also very easy. Qustodio allows you to track your child's movements so you know where they are at all times. Unlike native settings or other third-party apps, your kids can't disable the location tracking to try and evade you.

    And Give Them a Lifeline

    Even if you can see where your child's phone is, that doesn't mean you'll know if they're in trouble. This is another way Qustodio can give peace of mind. If you use the Android version of the software, then it provides a Panic Button, so your child can send an SOS message that will alert you immediately to their physical location. When you set up the panic button, you can add up to four trusted contacts, who will continue to receive the SOS and child's location every five minutes. To stop the alert, your child will have to turn off panic mode or you'll have to disable it from the web portal yourself.

    Providing a safer online experience for kids is at the top of many parents' priority lists. Fortunately, Qustodio makes it easy to supervise and manage your children's digital activities and bring you peace of mind.

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